Check Out These Unique Black Antoinette Halloween Costumes

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Check Out These Unique Black Antoinette Halloween Costumes

Black Antoinette

Black Antoinette is an amazingly sexy dress that is specially designed for Halloween. As such, its suitable for today’s outgoing and smart woman who likes to have a good time whether you are talking about a masked party, pirates party and so much more. It comes in a variety of fitting sizes and the common ones are the medium and large size. Available in hues of cream, yellow and black, the Black Antoinette is the perfect outfit for whatever occasion you have in mind. It’s designed to be extremely sexy, trendy and definitely made from a rich luxuriant piece of fabric.

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The Black Antoinette product features:

The Black Antoinette is characterized by the following features

  1. It comes in a variety of sizes-especially the medium and large sizes
  2. The full product includes a Halter top, detached sleeves, a hat and a matching skirt
  3. Matching accessories like the Black petticoat, Black thigh highs and mask are not included with it
  4. It’s made from a mix of polyester fabric, nylon and velvet
  5. The back is closed with a zipper

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Accordingly, some of the features that make the Black Antoinette a perfect fit for a Halloween dress event include:

  1. It’s pretty easy to maintain and wash
  2. It’s stunningly sexy and brief, in the best way!
  3. It’s also very comfortable, fitting and would work perfectly even on the most curvaceous body
  4. It’s made from a high quality, long lasting fabric

Check Out These Unique Black Antoinette Halloween Costumes

Its zipper is pretty much delicate and if not handled with care could snap or break.


The Black Antoinette is a garment that is made for a sexy Halloween party. It fits in right across from vampire parties, masked parties to pirate theme nights. And because it’s such a brief outfit, it will stunningly showcase your unique feminine features and charms that will earn you that gaga envious feeling from your girlfriends and make the boys drool. It’s definitely a worthy buy.

Check Out These Unique Black Antoinette Halloween Costumes  compare price here.