Your Questions About Slender Man

Chris asks…

Are there any movies about the Slender man?

If you don’t know what the Slender man is he’s a mythical creature and I think it’s pretty interesting.

admin answers:

No. However I can recommend you a show named Doctor Who, and it’s a Science Fiction show and arguably the best show ever. It has a creature known as The Silence that possess similar abilities such as hypnotic (insert more paranormality here.) It really is my favorite show. Can be scary sometimes.

William asks…

Slender Man?……. ?

I’ve been hearing alot about this… A guy in a suit, long arms, very real limbs coming out his back.. Whats the story behind this, and where he/ it is sighted.. Like where it came from and stuff ^.^

admin answers:

Slender Man is an urban myth that originated from the internet and caught fame. The legend says that Slender Man is a tall being with no face, who wears a suit and has multiple tentacle like limbs. He is mostly seen in foggy areas close to water and is said to come out of the woods. He appears mostly to children and outstretches his tentacle-like arms to them, which puts them into a trance like state that compels them to go to him.

Mary asks…

How to beat slender man the game?

So…yeah how do you beat it?

I just rage quited because I got 7 out of 8 pages and I was watching slender man from a distance and as soon as I got the 7th page he teleported right in front of me and I died…do you have to be lucky or what? because I always get 7 out of 8.

admin answers:

You’re not suppose to look at him…

Thomas asks…

How to summon slender man to your home?

Well I have telekinesis. And people have chosen me to strike him first. They chose me because I am the only tough guy strong enough to take out Slender Man. And i know some may say he is not real but how do they say you can summon him? we are going to battle. ten points…….

admin answers:

Go down to the library and ask one of the nerds to come chill with you. I imagine most of them are pretty slender. No but seriously he doesnt sound scary to me, i havent actually seen vids/read story but a thin man with long arms in a tuxedo doesnt really sound scary to me

Joseph asks…

who is the der großmann or slender man or what ever you call him?

ok so i was searching around the internet and i found some sort of myth or legend and all i want to know is who or what is the der großmann or as some people call it the slender man i want to know all i can about this thing and is it real or fake.

admin answers:


Der Großemann = The Big man

Michael asks…

Newspaper atricle that could of been about the slender man?

Like one about a missing or something directed towards the slender man. As long as its in news paper form thanks

admin answers:

Why would a newspaper bother printing fantasy fiction?

Ken asks…

What is the Slender Man legend?

I’ve just recently heard about the Slender Man. What exactly is the legend? Does he basically abduct and kill children, or is there more to the legend? Thanks!
Also, does he/it only go after children, or does he go after teenagers as well?

admin answers:

The Slender Man was born within the ‘Something Awful’ forums in 2009, when a thread was created to challenge members to create fake photo-shopped paranormal photographs. The idea however was not just to create these images, but to also filter them through the internet, in a bid to convince those who sought out such things, that the images created were authentic ‘real’ ghost/alien photographs.

Despite the Slender Man being a complete fabrication his legend has spread like wild-fire throughout the internet as a successful ‘Internet MEME’, a phrase used to describe a catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the internet, much like an esoteric inside joke, that evolves with time.

A YouTube sensation of sorts the ‘Marble Hornets Project’ is a series of video clips that were supposedly recorded by a teenager named ‘Alex’. The segments of video taken from Alex’s camcorder tapes follow him as he becomes increasingly concerned by the fact that ‘something’ sinister, is apparently stalking him.

Whilst Alex himself has mysteriously vanished, the video clips he left behind him become increasingly disturbing, as the Slender Man peers from distant corners. The Marble Hornets Project’ has greatly increased the range of the Slender Man Myths reach, with some unfamiliar with the legends origin taking it at face-value, and they in turn spread the legends grip further still.

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