Corpse Countess Costume Review

Corpse Countess Costume Review

If you’re looking to make a big impression this Halloween then the Corpse Countess costume could be ideal for you. With amazing detail and high quality finish, the Corpse Countess costume will certainly make an impact this Halloween. With a few accessories, you can make this costume very ghostly and Halloween appropriate. Available at Amazon for just $170 the Corpse Countess Costume is really a great option for anyone at Halloween.

Finding a Halloween costume can be tricky and there are so many to choose from these days that it can seem a bit overwhelming. However, if you’re looking for something simple but that will impress and create an impact then the Corpse Countess Costume is ideal.

Women's Corpse Countess Costume

Product Features:

–          Made from Polyester

–          7″ high (floating effect)

–          23″ wide (bottom of dress)

–          Includes dress and petticoat

–          Great for Halloween

–          Available in a range of sizes

The only downside to the costume is that it doesn’t include the wig or any jewellery, so accessories-wise, it’s a little lacking. However, these things are easy to find and will be cheap to add to the costume making it even more appealing. What’s more, this means you can accessorise however you want instead of being limited to one look.

Adult Corpse Count Ghost Halloween Costume - Scary Costumes

If you are planning on going to a Halloween party this year and you want to look incredible then this is the ideal costume. Available in a variety of sizes, the Corpse Countess Costume is sure to impress and for just $170 it’s a really good buy. The detail and quality is great for something of this price. Brought to you by InCharacter, it’s also a brand you can trust.

Halloween is a really fun time and to make your Halloween even more special this year then it’s advised that you consider buying this amazing costume. It’s a costume that will certainly turn heads and impress so what are you waiting for?