Disco costumes and Buying Halloween Costumes Online

Disco costumes and Buying Halloween Costumes Online

Halloween is easily one of my favorite holidays. Maybe it’s the kid in me that still likes to binge on candy. Maybe I like spooky ghosts. But I know that I love when people dress up in costumes. Dressing up in costumes is a great way for people to be creative, or silly, or witty, or scary. I love all of those things. I look forward to Halloween every year and love browsing through costume shops as soon as I can. Well, at least I used to. Now I tend to shop for most of my Halloween costumes online.

The are some benefits (and a few downsides) to buying my Halloween costumes online. First of all, you don’t have to try to find a Halloween costume shop. Many of them are seasonal, and spring up and hard locations to find. Even once you get inside, Halloween stores don’t get any easier. They’re usually under-staffed and a big mess, to put it nicely. There’s usually no system of organization to speak of – good luck finding something in particular. Especially as it gets closer to Halloween, the place resembles a junk heap – and the people swarm in like vultures. No thanks.

You don’t have any of those problems if you opt to buy your Halloween costumes online. The online costume stores have thousands of different costumes to choose from. You’ll never be at a loss for ideas or inspiration; and you won’t get lost like you might in a store. Unlike the physical stores, a simple Internet search will direct you right to a online costume store. No mess, no crowds, buying Halloween costumes online is the way to go. The best thing about Halloween costumes online is that you never feel like you’re “stuck” with something; if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can simply try another web site. Many Halloween stores are difficult to find in the first place; you want to go across town to another one in the mere hope that they have something else?

Of course, this isn’t a perfect solution. Of course, you get plenty of pictures of the Halloween costumes online, but pictures can always be a but deceiving. Furthermore, sizes aren’t exactly standardized with Halloween costumes, so you’re playing a bit of a guessing game as well.

Overall, I prefer to purchase my Halloween costumes online. They majority of them offer costumes in the thousands, all throughout the year. You can sometimes find deals in the “off-season”; and if you plan ahead a bit, you’ll get exactly the costume you were looking for.

Disco costumes

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, the disco craze swept the nation. Popularized by John Travolta in “Grease”, it spread like a fever. Youth could not resist the lighted dance floors, many-faceted mirrored disco balls, and the flashy outfits with massive lapels and ridiculously pointed collars.

The disco craze became a national sport of sorts. Dances became duels, to see who could out-perform their opponent. Fans even used empty delivery vans and truck trailers for their dance-fests. It’s contagious, and once you have it, that’s it. You’re done for, or so they say.

The disco costume is easily recognized. Some dead giveaways are greased hair, muttonchops, giant sideburns, polyester outfits, bell bottom suit pants, Afro’s, glitter eye shadow, body glitter, and a ton of makeup. The dance clubs, studios, and trucks features see-through floors in which multi-colored lights flashed erratic, fast-paced strobe effects, quick enough to give a person a seizure. There were usually reflectors all over walls and ceilings to further add to the frenetic lighting, warming the already overheated dance palaces.

To replicate a good disco costume, get a copy of “Grease”, the classic Disco Fever movie of the time. Take a few notes and sketch out the look you want. Just remember, polyester is the quintessential fabric of the authentic Disco costume.

If you’re an aspiring groovy guy, here are some guidelines. You need a suit with matching pants and jacket, in a solid color. Jackets require the giant, extra-pointy lapels, and are no longer than hip length. Oh yes, it’s imperative that the pants be wide bell bottoms. Shirts should contrast loudly with the suit color, with a greatly over sized collar which protrudes considerably over the jacket lapel. A vest under the jacket adds to the authentic Disco costume look. Wow! Unless you’re an able seamstress, both suits and shirts must be ferreted out in Retro shops, as you won’t find anything suitable at the Mall.

Greased hairs, along with Afros were the best hair choices. If you’re not black, forget the Afro. Go for the grease. If your hair’s thin and not highly “grease able”, purchase a wig in the Travolta style.

Now some tips for you hopeful foxy chickies.

A tube top with lots of belly showing is the real thing. Tank tops will not do, a mortal sin of Disco costume fashion. Hip-hugger bell-bottom pants are de rigeur.

Lots of large, colorful and admittedly gaudy jewelry, along with a lot of makeup is a must. Body glitter, anywhere and everywhere, brightly colored eye shadow, thick fake eyelashes and shiny lip gloss are all necessary to your authentic Disco costume.

As for hair, chicks should choose either an Afro or a waist length pin straight wig. Oddly enough, women not of color look better in Afros than men, so take your pick.

Before you walk out the door, both groovy guys and foxy chickies must complete their Disco costume with platform shoes. Go get ’em!