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Frankenstein costumes

I love this autumn season. The air is brisk and clean; the colorful leaves are drifting to the ground, and the heat and humidity are nowhere to be found. Okay, that didn’t rhyme on purpose. I just want you to know that. Now, are you prepared for what this outstanding season is about to bring? Because if you’re not, then you had better hit up the local drug and grocery stores for some serious candy. You will need it when all those little trick-or-traitors come around. Trust me; they will be itching for some heavy duty sugar. I can’t guarantee what they will do to you if you’re lacking. Therefore, you need that candy supply! Oh, and don’t forget an awesome costume. Whether it be a superman, clown, batman, vampire, mummy, or Frankenstein costume is irrelevant. Just have one on. This occasion requires a little spirit.

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Halloween Express is everywhere now. We have three locations near our home. This is probably one of the best stores to visit for Halloween costumes and props. My daughter and I were in there the other day. She wanted to try on a Frankenstein costume. I told her if she wore it that everyone would assume she’s a boy. Ah, she didn’t care. That’s the way to be. Wear whatever it is you really want to wear. The important part is that you’re happy, excited and having a blast. I know we always do on Halloween night. A couple years back I took my family to a costume party. It was a work thing. Yeah, you know; one of those. Nevertheless, it was a fun and memorable experience. I saw a Frankenstein costume there that practically blew everyone else’s get-up away. This thing looked so realistic. Just to be clear, I’m talking about Frankenstein’s monster here. Not Victor himself. Many people make this mistake. Anyway, the high-end Frankenstein costume was outstanding. I had to wonder who did this guy’s make-up. It must have cost him a fortune. Now that is what Halloween is all about. He’s in the zone.

Ah, which costume to buy this year? No worries! If there are two you really like, just go with one this year and one the next. That always works for me. Oh, and be sure you check out that Halloween Express near you. Who knows; maybe you’ll want a Frankenstein costume.

Vampire makeup

Is it Halloween yet?

Man, it is taking forever to get here! I just can’t wait to scare some tiny trick-or-treaters. That is always my favorite part. I can whip out my handy vampire makeup, glue in my fake fangs and pull on my dark cloak. You should just see how well I actually resemble Dracula. Okay, minus the whole bug eating thing. Anyway, that night full of spooks, strange sounds, and howling monsters sure can be a blast if you do it right. Last year I was able to scare at least a dozen little witches, goblins and ghouls out of their wits. Of course then I gave them a hefty portion of candy to smooth things over. This way they get the full effect of that eerie autumn night that only comes around once each year. They get the trick and the treat. Anyone else up for a little Halloween fun and excitement? That spooky evening is drawing near.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Have you tried the new Freddy costumes yet? Or maybe you’re more of a Jason fan. There is certainly something to be said about all that 80s slashes flick propaganda. It seems like we horror movie nuts can’t get enough of it. Why else would we spend our Halloweens prancing around like a cinema serial killer? Personally I tend to go with the same costume every year. I know what you’re thinking; how boring. Well, when it comes to vampire makeup and a good set of fangs, I just have trouble saying no. Surely there is a costume or character that has this same effect on you. Is it a witch, warlock or werewolf? Or do you like to invent your own monster get-up? Regardless of what you like to be, the best place to shop for supplies is the World-Wide-Web. Where did you think I got my fangs and vampire makeup? The reason I prefer cyberspace is because of the selection. Compared to Halloween shops and other stores, there is simply no question. I don’t care if you’re searching for mere vampire makeup or an entire King Kong costume, the Internet is the place to look. Not to mention you can do it easily from the privacy of your own home. You can hardly beat that. So if you’re ready to go costume hunting or just need to pick up some fake blood and vampire makeup, hop online and check out the selection. They literally have prices that compete with anyone.